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Anyone know where i can find one online?  Or any idea on how to help educate teachers and caregivers?  It's ironic, teacher the educators, but, I'd like to find something to provide if even a small amount of understanding for the teachers who have my asperger's son in their class. 

Any ideas?

This site has cards that you can give out. I am ordering for Autism Awareness month:

Also check out They have some great T-shirts. Really covers the whole realm of thinking on autism. My daughter and I will be sporting shirts next month from there!

Amie -- I had a hard time navigating the autism speaks website.  Where are the pamphlets described? 

Nice that they have "ExpertFind", btw.  Seems like an easy way for parents to find out about autism experts in their area.


Here's a good article for teachers -- short and sweet.  It's by Ellen Notbohm and is called "Ten Things Your Student With Autism Wishes You Knew."

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Another good site to check is the autism speaks site because you can request the pamphlets they have for the teachers they also have a book out  called the autism acceptance book that is for other students in the class and school.


Go to and you should be able to find everything you need f

Maybe someone else has one that they've used and gotten good feedback about??

Here's a brochure one family made for their child.  I thought it was very user-friendly:

I did something similar for my child's new teachers last spring.  It was 3 pages long and quite detailed, divided into the following sections:

- About our son (interests, etc., emphasizing he's a lot like other kids his age).

- About his diagnoses (autism, supposedly MR, allergy/eczema/lactose intolerance)

- How autism affects his ability to communicate.  Conversational tips.

- How autism affects his schoolday (we listed what he needs and also listed challenging situations).

- How autism affects his stress level (signs that he's stressed, what stresses him, what triggers a meltdown, how to help him cope with stress)

- We ended by saying thank you to the teachers and school personnel.

The teachers said they appreciated our brochure, and it seemed to help in that when school started up again in the fall, the transition went perfectly smoothly despite new teachers, a new school building, and a long summer vacation of mostly speaking English.

I also love the Ellen Notbohm article! It's wonderful. You might also want to look at Dr. Paula Kluth's website. She write about autism in the school/inclusion setting, and her work is great:

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I like your website/newsletter, Nicole.  It's nice to see you've joined our forum!

Thanks for the Paula Kluth link.  She has lots of good articles! 

The Autism Society of America has several free downloadable brochures, one specifically for teachers.  I haven't read them yet myself, but here's the link: amp;JServSessionIdr001=47vv2124q2.app25a