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My son had the exact same problem when he was younger.. He is NT but it was horrible.. The putting the water in his ears to get it soft was not a problem for him but when they had to lay him down and stick the metal object in to get out the wax it took me and 3 nurses to hold him down at one point i was crying myself.. The ear is so senstive.. The same problem had happened the tubes were stuck..With my younger son he had alot of hard wax also.. The dr told me i could by the wax remover kit from the store and try that.. That did work and got out the wax.. So maybe you should try that and se if it helps.. Those tubes are great my sons have had them but if they fall out and get stuck it is more than a pain in the tube.. Good Luck Keep us posted..  NO hair in ears and her ears are really dry when I swab them. She stated that the wax looked hard? I just don't want it to get too hard and cont. to get bigger and bigger till she has a hearing problem or more evil way to get them out than what she is wanting to do

I really don't know if mineral oil, sweet oil or hydrogen peroxide is better for removing wax, but do you think that peroxide might be more traumatic for her because of the way it sort of bubbles and fizzes? That could be a pretty weird sensation in the ear.


Your answer is DEFINATELY mineral oil.  This came from 2 separate ENT's who both saw my son.  He has thick wax too and the mineral oil will help loosen it- this is the medical advice I was given & it actually worked for my son.  Hopefully AndrewsMommy will read this post and reply, but I am 100% certain about the mineral oil.

Also, I would be hesitant about the peroxide (no offense intended).

Good luck!

I second Tweekers mom on this one! But hopefully Andrew's Mommy can pipe in too!


Thanks so much everyone you saved my daughter hopefully from a nightmare!


Yikes!  Please share what you do (I have no idea) Interesting how many of our kids have tubes.... (mine also)

Shelley, you have brought up something that I have been worrying about a lot laterly. Brandon has had his second set of ear tubes for 2 1/2 years now, and I am wondering if they are going to fall out or if they will have to be removed. I did not even know that it was possible for them to get stuck in the ear canal once they fall out.

Whenever they want to clean wax out of Brandon's ears, they treat it like a minor procedure and actually put him under. I don't think that I could even tolerate the manner in which the doctor suggested getting Sarah's stuck tubes out. I have heard that pressurized water in the ear if very painful.

By the way, if the tubes are out, are you sure that there is no perforation in the eardrum still? If there is still a hole where the tubes came out, putting anything in the ear can be really bad. I think that in this case, I might want to go to an ENT, just to be on the safe side.

Both of my children just had tubes put in so I don't know much about it, but how do you know if the tubes fall out? Shelley,

I worked as a personal care worker in a group home, and for cleaning out the ears of the man I worked with we used mineral oil. 2-3 drops of mineral oil in each ear at bedtime, Sara would have to lay on her side for five minutes, but that might not be too hard on the couch in front of the TV, then you repeat with the other ear. We only did it for 4 days and that was enough to loosen up the wax to have his ears cleaned.

Good Luck!

I took Sarah in friday for the stomach yuck and asked her to see if they fell out yet..she stated that the hole is closed and healed but the tubes in both ears are stuck outside the eardrum and looked like hard wax on them..which will cont. to build up and also something about causing scar tissue to build up to whatever the tube/wax is glued to

Thanks for the replies..keep ya updated:)



I would NOT allow the Doc to do it.  I believe this would be more of an upset for Sarah than it's worth (for BOTH of you actually).  Tweeker had ear tubes at 19 months & it took 8 years!!!!! Yes, 8 whole years for 1 of them to fall out.  His Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist did NOT have ANY concerns with that and I was told that I could use mineral oil drops if I was that concerned about it.  Does she have a lot of hair in her ears or thick wax?  Tweeker has both, hense the "delay" in it falling out.

WOW...didn't know that this was a problem.  Adam's tubes are still in like you described but no longer in the place where they were put in.  If you open his ear you can see the end of them (green tubes) in there.  He has had them for 3 years also.  Every time I take him to the doctor they say it's fine and that they will eventually fall out. But they are not going anywhere.  Now this makes me worry because he see's different doctors every time he is sick.  He did just see his Developmental Ped doc and he also said it was ok but it was the first time he has ever seen him so he may not realize how long they have been in.  What if they are stuck like Sarah's??? I'm gonna have to call about this.  Thanks for posting about this....I'm sorry that I don't know what to say to help you loosen them.


I don't know anything about the tubes but I remember my mom putting hydrogen peroxide in her ears to loosen and clean ear wax. 

ETA - but if she's very sensitive to sound, this may be too much for her.  The peroxide bubbles and it's a wierd tickling sensation.


The doctor told me that the wax attached itself to the wall of ear canal and scar tissue can develop more and more till you got a big problem.. I had tubes as a child and they just fell out too but these have been stuck outside for over 6 months now! I might try the hydrogen peroxide..if she lets me

Sarah will lose her mind!! I want to try and loosen them myself and save her from this barbaric remedy


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