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I don't know how many of you believe in astrology... but I have to share this.

The more "signs" you have in a "house" the older your soul is..... my dear sweet Tim was clustered in 3 "houses"....

I'd be curious to know how many other autistic children are living as an "OLD" soul... the website I got this information from is then click on astro click portrait.... I was astounded at how accurately my child was described; with no mention of dissabilities or difficulties associated with autism, just a mention that "you have to do things you're own way.. always"

Reesa in oregon

Here's a story for you...When I was in the hospital following delivery, one of the nurses who cared for Andrew and me said, "I don't know if you believe in this or not, but your son is a very old soul...".  The third day I was in the hospital, one of my pediatrician's colleagues came in to see me after examining Andrew and said, "I have never seen a newborn with his eyes open and alert like your son's's highly unusual".  As for astrology, I had my natal chart read for kicks about 2 years after Andrew was born.  Although the reading was for me, I provided Andrew's birth date and time as well.  The astrologer said, "Your son is a very old soul.  He is here by choice to help the rest of us move forward.  He is a 'wizard'.  I have only ever seen 2 or 3 charts like his in my entire career...".

For what it's worth...

Help!!! What is an Indigo child/Crystal child? My Astrological days have long since gone the way of all good things so to speak. I am just now getting back in to the swing of my "Natural Witch" self. It has been nearly a decade since I studied astrology and it was prior to children. Autism wasn't exactly my study. My Son has been diagnosed with A-typical Autism, several years ago. Obviously because he has confused may a medical professional. Things he should exibit, which are common in the majority of autistic children, he does not. Stranger things that aren't commonly found in Autistics are present. I do realize every soul is different. It is bazaar the connection the two of us have like no other, from the get go. The minute they put him in my arms...I knew there were challenges ahead, though there were no signs of anything out of the ordinary to anyone else but me. There was, I knew. He was different. I have 2 other children, he's in the middle, and I most certainly did not feel the same things with them as I felt with him from the beginning, even being pregnant with him. This unusual feeling, like I had to save him from something. It has intrigued me since the moment of his birth. I chalked it up to me being a bit different myself. I really thought it was how I was perceiving it. He's a wonderful Aquarius, Im a Virgo. I get along with Aquarius really well, so we are a fantastic pair. Thank the lucky stars! I have wanted to get my own reading done, but have to be honest...I am almost afraid to know. Despite the fact that I too, like a lot of Sensory people, need to know, need to prepare for the next thing. Should we go? Is it expensive? What should I ask? Or do they (the reader) just clue you in? I heard that most readers won't tell you anything really bad so as not to freak the person out. Is it true? I mean in certain circumstances, ignorance can be bliss. Really cool it! Can't wait to hear more!

To me, there is nothing wrong with being interested in all sorts of things...from astronomy to astrology...from space travel to astral travel, etc.  Being interested in astrology has never taken away my faith in God and belief in life after death.

I rarely discuss this openly as I am a woman of science, and I am very good at what I do (according to others, and I have the confidence in myself to believe them).

Okay, back to the metaphysical.  Crystal children were born starting approximately 1995.  Prior to them came the Indigo children.  The Indigo children came to pave the way for the Crystals.  They shook things up, questioned the status quo, wanted to change what they felt was unfair or unreasonable in the world...The Crystals are different.  They are born with eyes that seem old and wise.  They connect to their parents or to someone close on a telepathic-like level.  They are loving, giving, sweet, and "psychic" to an extent.  They talk late because they develop and use their own ways to communicate.  Many of them are diagnosed with autism because of their delays.  They are here to move this world into the next phase of spiritual growth and development.  To teach us what we have yet to really come to believe, regardless of what religion we may follow...

For those of you who know me from these boards, please understand that I am a board certified family physician with about 15 years of professional experience, and I do not discuss these things with my patients.  This is personal information that I hope will not affect any of your opinions of me or my posts, answers to medical questions, etc.

I did a lot of chart readings (among other things) before I became a Christian. Like lots of you, my daughter's planets are concentrated in the first quadrant, which is typical- she also has a Saturn/Mercury hard aspect- another thing mentioned.

Astrology is real, definitely, but I did not find any lasting peace in that path. In fact, I found the opposite of peace and understanding the more that I learned- and I knew a lot. I found peace through complete trust in Jesus. Your chart can tell you lots of stuff, but the chart can't heal you or change anything. God can heal and God can change things.  I don't say this with any judgmentalism towards those interested in this. All I can do is say, "this was my experience". Yours may be different, and I respect that.

My son challenge in life is (saturn in Gemini):

"You will experience special challenges in your life as regards overcoming learning difficulties or communication problems. Early schooling may have been affected by a trend of education policies which stunted your interest and intellectual curiosity or stifled your mental creativity. This can mean that you have learned mental discipline and important facts, but have lost touch with an overall view of the issue. "

He also has the ascendant in Scorpio which makes everything go bad.

He has a lot of planets in houses except 5,6,7.

I am trying to learn more about astrology. There must be a reason for all this happening  to us. They call it destiny.



Wow, I am completely amazed at all of this... I have yet to go to a psychic, or a reader, but now I am 100% sure I want to have Tim's chart read. see, his "star" chart is very ONE SIDED only containing planets and such on 1/2 of the chart. He has 4 planets in House 2 being....neptune, uranus, the sun, and mercury.

He also has Venus and jupiter in house 3.

But I'm going to have to read up about this crystal or indigo children. (he was born in 99......

anlyharo_439171.3420833333I'm no expert in this area, but I think the INDIGO children came before the CRYSTAL children.  I imagine there was a transitional period between the two?  Andrew would be considered a crystal child which I believe are those born around 2000 and beyond.  I read a little book about the crystal children after Andrew was born, and it is fascinating...

Can anyone recomend a good book in astrology ?

I am pass the stage of planets, houses, ascendant. I would like to understant the aspects, especially how they interact to give a positive or a negative.

Most books tell only positive stuff. What about the negative ..... that is more likely our case. For example why an scorpio ascendant makes the things look bad ? Why a Saturn in Gemini impaires language and communication ?

My chart is so nice and my son's looks so bad. When I think that it was C-section I could have changed the day .... just like that.


I've been interested in astrology for a while, but I don't know how to read the chart.  If anyone could help me read my sons, I would be grateful!

I am answering part of my own question!  The first place to start would be to get the free personal portrait from the link Reesa gave us.  It is pretty neat!  I have already entered and printed out all of my immediate familys info.

Thanks Reesa!

It seems like I am not the only one who is very curious about all of this but doesn't know where to start. 

Can anyone give us some advice about how to learn about all of this?  Is there a good book we could read?  How do you find an honest person/psychic or chart reader to read your chart?  I would love to have this done. 



sure, no problem


I don't know what books will help you to learn the specifics...

My favorite books have always been, Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs", "Love Signs" and "Star Signs"...Sometimes her name is in the title and sometimes not.  I always planned to one day travel to Cripple Creek, Colorado to see her, but she died several years back.

I had a c-section with both my kids, but my ASD son was an elective, so I had to choose the date.  It was really bizarre to head into hospital with no contractions & wait around till it was my turn.  I almost decided to risk it & wait 1 more week,since I was only 38.5 weeks.  I often question whether this has contributed to my son being tested 4 autism.  He has so many typical traits, but then unusual ways of playing, loves numbers and struggles to understand what others r saying.  His chart really revealed a naive nature and an inability 2 see when he's been taken for a ride. With his South node in the 12th, he naturally runs to that dream world and private thoughts, but many years down the line it will beckon him to apply a practical and work based approach which will ultimately bring him true happiness.  Where our South node is posited is where we all naturally gravitate to and feel comfortable.  But coming out of our comfort zones is where we learn and find ourselves and this is where the North Node comes in.  It usually starts to intrude in our 30s when family are being developed and so much growing up is been done.  Astrology is good for understanding and some guidance.  Where it gets out of hand when people start treating others a certain way cause of their sign.  At the end of the day we're all relatively human and have feelings.         Having a Scorpio ascendent & Saturn in Gemini is by no means bad.  U have to take the whole chart (aspects and all) into consideration.  In what house is the saturn/gemini and where is your jupiter, moon, sun etc.         At the end of the day you get handed out a life and u can't b anyone else so you may as well make the best of what God's given u.  My chart isn't the best by a long shot.  In fact my partner's and my daughters are really looking good.  The Scorpio ascendent is rather cool in the fact that Pluto is the ruling planet and this makes for transfomation and regeneration for the individual.



GoJo6839177.1846990741I haven't posted here in awhile, but this post caught my attention.  I went to a psyic a few months ago, and the minute I sat down and she held my hands she told me my son did not have autism, but that he was an indigo child, much of what Andrewsmommy said, that he was here to teach others to be acceptant.  I was completely floored.  I read about Indigo children (also called Crystal children) and it's kind of eerie.  I never really believed in all that stuff, but it really caught my attention when she said that.

Well, the reason I ask, is, I don't know how to read "star charts" or whatever, but for anyone who does, this has to mean SOMETHING: hVZEf-u1172689505&nhor=2&go.x=13&go.y=16

Let me know it that link works or not

hmmm now I have to go back and look at T's chart!