ADOS and ADI-R scores | Autism PDD


The ADOS is a semi-structured, standardized assessment of communication, social interaction and play and imaginative use of materials. The assessment consists of activities that allow the examiner to observe behaviors that have been identified as important to the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Structured social interactions are created in which a behavior or a particular type of social response is likely to occur. The overall ratings for the ADOS are organized into five main groups: Language and Communication; Reciprocal Social Interaction; Play; Stereotyped Behaviors and Restricted Interests; Other abnormal behaviors. Scores range from 0 (not abnormal behavior) through 2 or 3 (most abnormal) for each aspect of measured behaviors. Cut-off ratings are as follows:

Module 1


Autism cut-off = 4; autism spectrum cut-off = 2

Reciprocal Social Interaction

Autism cut-off = 7; autism spectrum cut-off = 4

Communication and Social Interaction

Autism cut-off = 12; autism spectrum cut-off = 7



This assessment tool included structured activities that serve as social presses to elicit typical social responses from the student. These social presses include joint interactive play, reciprocal social communication, use of descriptive non-verbal gestures, social response, and facial expressions directed to others.

Does anybody know how the ADOS and ADI-R scores should be interpreted. I got the evaluation for my son and I like to see what exactly it says.