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A friend of mine is creating autism awareness flyers and would like as much input as possible. She is requesting that if anybody has things that they would like to be placed on an autism awareness flyer and it is the size of a letter page (maximum) if you could forward it to her or to me and I will forward to her.

Her name is Sandra Kay and her e-mail addy is
or just send it to me at

Thanks for all of your help with this, I know I can count on you guys!

She does many great things with all different types of children's issues - cancer, CHD, child abuse, etc. For those of you on MySpace, check her out her name is Seraphim Children Projects 

I can't wait to see all of your ideas!!!

When Sarah started Kindergarten I told a few moms that had girls in her class of her diagnoses and they seem to not know what autism was at all..I of course overwhelmed them with all the help she has had and therapies so the label wouldn't scare them.  I tried to state that all kids are different and some of the things you hear about autism... Sarah has never done ex: aggessive, or self injuries. flapping ect.. I need a short version to express "her " autism without going into the full gamet of everything and they ever wanted to know and then some:) I kill people with information  I now see these moms and they totally ignore me or when I do talk to them which for me takes a huge effort as I am a total anxiety freak flag flying at all times:P they keep their heads down and not really looking or responding to me so now I feel Sarah would of been better off if I kept her diagnoses to myself.  I want people to know why she don't respond or want to hang around their kids because of fear they will think she is rude or not like them.  I know the longer she remains indifferent to them the more outcast she will become. I think all moms w/ kids that are autistic/PDD/anyway different fly that flag...I fly mine proudly and most people use me as an info guru...I can find out about just about anything...I think I might have a few traits  I am very determined and when I was running into probs at the school (as were other parents) b/c of mold - we live in florida and had 3 hurricanes within a short time that destroyed schools here - Me and the PTO president were the 1st ones protesting on the school steps...I earned respect by being the one people could ask about autism/resources and I don't shy away...even if I don't know...I've learned to say that recently ...I don't know...i don't like to...the internet is a wonderful thing to research everything have to pick the right sources, but overall good.

Add note-  I am definately a chatter box when I get started - my friends/dh sometimes have to point it out to me.
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I don't know exactly how to put this (bad with concision) - but, can there be a message that seeks to humanize the autistic kids, rather than making them seem awful and scary and sources of despair, as seems they so often are in these 'awareness' endeavors? 

I know that most of the awareness efforts are for better funding and services, and for that, I know it's probably useful to potray autism in the most negative light.  However, one of the things I worry about is all of this negative imagery creating an impression in the lay-public that autistic kids are all out-of-control, disruptive, potentially dangerous, and sources of misery for all around them.  I worry that this perception will lead to other children ostracizing mine, or other children's parents (should they learn that their child shares a class/activity/whatever) might freak out if they learn that my autistic daughters are sharing the environment with their kids because the parents assume that my daughters will be sucking up all of the teacher's time and energy, and that my girls will present some danger to their children, etc.

Autism has its challenges, but I think that sometimes, in our effort to draw attention to the problems associated with autism, we might be giving the general public the impression that our kids are monsters and that that will lead to problems for our children, down the road.

If someone else out there agrees with this sentiment and can express it in a sound-bite, I'd be appreciative :)

  It would be nice for the general public to know that autistic kids have potentials and it would be in all our best interest to work on including them in society.



I agree w/ Fred. When I tell people autism ... they think that this kid won't do anything in life...and that he's a drain on me...when truthfully -  he's great and we have a lot of fun.

I really think the more education we put out there the more people will understand. I feel fortunate I live where I do because it seems that so many people are aware of autism. I hear most of the time questions of wether or not my son is a savant. That is the biggest misconception I hear. I have seen small wallet pamphlets and really wish I had them when Shawn was younger and more sever. That way I would not have had to say a word when I was stressed out.


1 in 150 children will be Adults someday.