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Here's a link to the Autism Society of America's Spanish Bookstore. In
addition, just Google Autism Books in Spanish--There are tons of
rescources available. My son's babysitter (who has cared for him since way
before his dx) is originally from El Salvador. While her english is flawless, it
was much easier for her to comprehend the finer points in her native
pagename=espanol_libreria"> e/
Sorry, that link just takes you to the homepage--scroll down to the bottom
of the page and click on "en espanol"
hope this helps

Hey guys - MIL just called me.  She babysat for us over the weekend so we could go out with some friends for the superbowl.  She saw some books I had around regarding autism.  She said she started to read one a little bit and found it very interesting. She asked me if I could find her some in Spanish, which is her first language and much easier for her to comprehend. 

I'm so happy she's interested and want to get her something to read. 

Any ideas?

Thanks - the web page is "en espanol" and my espanol is not very good.  Luckily, the gal who sits the desk behind me speaks fluently.  Thanks for the link. I found out that the book she liked was 10 things every child with autism wishes you knew.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like they print that book in Spanish.  I'll find her something.  I'm so happy she's interested. 


If i may suggest Future Horizons books. Try this link to their site

I know they have some spanish books that are already in english as well.

If you find that they are too $$ copy the name of the book and search for it at



I sent an email to the author of 10 Things Every Child Wishes You Knew About Autism regarding a spanish version of her book.  She responded to my email within 15 minutes!!  She forwarded my email to the publishers and said they had discussed it this year.  She provided a link for me as well for some info in spanish. 

Just wanted to tell you what a nice lady she is!