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Obsessive lip licking!!

Hi, Curtis does the same thing. The only time I can leave anything on his lips is when he goes to bed. I have to wait until he is asleep but then I put it on. It is an overnight Chapstick. More like a heavy duty vaseline. When I see his tongue out I tell him "no, tongue out" and he giggles and puts his tongue back into his mouth. I wonder how much is just a habit for him?My oldest does this BIG TIME!  He looks like the Joker when he really gets going.  I asked a pharmacist and he gave me an antibiotic ointment to use.  It worked well. 

Too funny, that's exactly what my mom said to do last nite.  The biggest problem is the skin around his lips. If it were just his lips I wouldn't worry much, but right now it looks like he burned his face. Then last nite he wouldn't drink because everytime he sipped something his mouth would hurt. As far as telling him to stop, it seems the more I try to draw attention to it, the MORE he does it. So, hopefully he'll stop soon.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I put the cream all over, lips and skin surrounding the lips. 

I know it is hard not to say "STOP LICKING!"  I can't help myself from saying it, and he can't help from doing it.  It got so bad last year the kids in school made fun of him

My oldest did this until his lips were so chapped!!! The only things that helped were reminding him every time I saw him and putting vaseline on overnight to help heal it.  You could try aquaphor.  It's like vaseline but I think it works much better.  Everytime My 7yr old gets a cold he licks his lips repeatedly and even bites his lower lip. As you would guess over the past few days it has gotten really sore, chapped and red. I have tried everything from chapstick, vaseline, and even bandaids. Either he licks off what I put on there or rubs it so much to make it worse! He won't leave the bandaids on either. Any suggestions???

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