Obsessive lip licking!! | Autism PDD


Hi, Curtis does the same thing. The only time I can leave anything on his lips is when he goes to bed. I have to wait until he is asleep but then I put it on. It is an overnight Chapstick. More like a heavy duty vaseline. When I see his tongue out I tell him "no, tongue out" and he giggles and puts his tongue back into his mouth. I wonder how much is just a habit for him?My oldest does this BIG TIME!  He looks like the Joker when he really gets going.  I asked a pharmacist and he gave me an antibiotic ointment to use.  It worked well. 

Too funny, that's exactly what my mom said to do last nite.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I know it is hard not to say "STOP LICKING!"  I can't help myself from saying it, and he can't help from doing it.  It got so bad last year the kids in school made fun of him
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