Northern Virginia Schools?? | Autism PDD


Thanks for the information!


My military DH and I will be relocating.  My son is HFA, but with a moderate amount of sensory issues.  He will be going into kindergarten (still unsure if mainstream on not).

Does anyone have any knowledge or recommendations regarding schools/districts in the Northern VA area?  Anywhere from Charlottesville (sp?) up to DC.

Does anyone know anything about the DODDS school in Quantico?

Any private schools for autism in that area?

Thanks in advance! 

My oldest daughter (NT) has had autistic children in her mainstream classroom since we relocated here in 2003 (they have an aide assigned to them).  The other kids are very embracing and protective of them. 

There is a private Montessori school in Reston, VA that accepts students with autism - Sunset Hills Montessori school.

Hi Mom2Three,

We are in Stafford County (which is right next to Quantico).  My son has been in the school system since he was 2 and a half (special ed preschool).  He is 9 and in 3rd grade now.  He is in a mainstream class that has 2 special education aides, and gets pulled out for speech, pragmatics, math and reading comprehension.  We are quite pleased with the schools here and the services that he gets.  Please feel free to message me if you'd like.