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When ASD boys hit adolescence, the testosterone tends to wreak havoc.  This could be the first sign of puberty.  My guess is that the rocking is a stim that is helping him handle the stress he now feels. That's what stims are for -- to reduce anxiety (think of the world's most common stim -- nailbiting.  People who bite their nails do so more when they're nervous.  It relieves their nervousness).  IF the rocking gets severe, you may want to take him to a psychiatrist to investigate anti-anxiety meds.  Not so much to get rid of the rocking (tho it might) but because the rocking is an indication of the intense anxiety that he's experiencing inside.My son is 11, dx asperger's he just recently started rocking back and fourth when he is sitting around, he never did this before now. He is on medication, but has been on this medication for 2 years now, and has never done the rocking thing before , and the medication has worked great for him. It just seems strange to me that he did not do this before, like when he was younger. I hope this not mean he is regressing? Is this just a new stim?  My daughter does the same thing (rocking) she dont do it all the time, but when I DO see her rocking I will tell her to stop...and she just starts (nervously) picking at the top of her head, or wraps her arms around herself, and picks at her arms. UGH..

I guess we parents of ASD kids have to pick which ones we can live with since many ASD kids need to stim in one way or another.

Thanks guys,  Precious Ones, Yes my son does always find another stim if he stops one. I thought that too, but he has not stopped one he just added it on, I guess I didn't know for sure if it was regression? Juls34inva, It's not a problem that he is rocking, It's a whole lot better than some of his other stims. I just have never seen him do this before. Tzoya, I think your right. My son has severe anxiety and with the age thing,I think that's why we are seeing it now. Michelle C, I am going to let my son rock, (like I could stop him anyway) Maybe he will stop chewing on his fingernails and toe nails. Nina,I tried to stop my sons stims too, before we knew what was going on. I regret that now. Karyn Thank you Tzoya, that is what I was going to say, combo of Aspergers and hormones. Just for curiosity's sake why do you care if he is rocking back and forth? I'm not being mean I'm just wondering? My oldest who is 12 does this when he reads or plays video games(I doubt he's even aware of it) I used to and still do it slightly when I'm reading(in a chair that doesn't rock) Maybe if you got him a rocking recliner to sit in while he's watching tv or reading it would help. I know it helps me, me and my oldest fight over the chair and it belongs to my husband but he never gets to use it